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Vandercraft 3000

Formerly the Laser 3000, and now built by Vander Craft. The Laser 3000 has always been very popular with schools, colleges, training and teaching establishments as well as holiday companies.

The Laser 3000 Association approached Jeff Vander Borght as they were keen to see the 3000 survive after Laser ceased production. Laser were very positive and helpful to maintain production and after-sales support. An agreement was reached with Laser and the designers allowing Vander Craft to take over production.

Vander Craft see the market developing for the committed racer, ideally suited towards couples, smaller adults and/or child combinations - 90 to 160kg weight range. The Class Association identified a number of shortfalls with the original design and these were rectified by Vander Craft who also made further improvements, that can be retro-fitted to older boats.

New features include: